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We at HK Corporate Recovery are a team of experienced accountants specialising in the area of Corporate Recovery/Insolvency. We use our specialist knowledge and experience to quickly determine the underlying cause of a company's distress and to quickly propose solutions.

HK Corporate Recovery has considerable experience in this specialist field having acted as Examiner/Receiver/Liquidator across a broad spectrum of companies. The following are a sample of recent case's in which we have acted:

  • Retail Chain of Stores
  • Hi Tech Environmental Control Systems
  • Main Franchise Motor Dealerships
  • Wholesale Meat Factory
  • Transport Companies
  • Building Contractors/Developers
  • Security Firms
  • Major Motor Outlet
  • Office Supplies
  • Flooring Contractors
  • Photographic Laboratory
  • Restaurant/Cafes

HK Corporate Recovery provides services to the following parties: Directors,  Creditors,  Banks,  Professional Advisers.


These services include

  • Corporate Recovery
  • Examinership and Protection Orders
  • Receiverships
  • Member's Voluntary Liquidations
  • Advising on Creditor's Voluntary Liquidations

All companies encounter problems from time to time, notwithstanding the pressures from the current economic environment. Very often the company itself can resolve its problems or the company may use its advisor or accountant. However, our experience is that a company's accountant or auditor may not always have the resources or management skills to help the company with the difficulties currently being experienced.

A business needs to adapt in order to be able to survive and grow and this is especially true today. The ability to act responsibly (whether it is seen or not) is key to ensuring a company’s survival. Responsible action generally starts with the realisation that something is wrong.

HK Corporate Recovery can help identify the cause of a company's difficulties and guide the company to a resolution. Our experience in helping companies in financial difficulty has been that early detection provides the opportunity for more or better solutions. Our Corporate Recovery Team will look at your business, identify problems or underperforming areas and devise a plan to help promote the survival of the business and its prosperity. We will also advise Directors on their corporate responsibilities and best practice in order to protect them in the event of a subsequent claim for wrongful or reckless trading.

The following are symptoms of a business in distress and where Directors should seek expert advice about a company's future.

Most businesses experience one or more of these problems at some point in time - if your company is experiencing a number of these insolvency indicators on a sustained basis, then it may be insolvent.

  • Suppliers placing the company on COD/demanding payment before supply
  • Ongoing unsustainable losses
  • Poor cash flow
  • Exceeding overdraft limits and unable to obtain further credit
  • On stop with suppliers
  • Creditor demands and threatened legal action
  • Creditors unpaid and outside of usual terms
  • Increasing debt - (liabilities greater than assets)
  • Unrecoverable loans to associated parties
  • Revenue demands for overdue taxes e.g. withheld C2
  • Asset selling to fund trading
  • Falling stock levels & stock values
  • High staff turnover
  • Incomplete Financial Records
  • Postponement of essential maintenance
  • No access to alternate finance or ability to raise equity
  • Issuing Post dated cheques and having cheques dishonoured

If you think your business may be insolvent we can help you. Do not hope the situation will go away, seek help immediately and you will protect yourself from further loss and lay the foundation for a new beginning.

Where the above symptoms exist we can provide the company Directors with the following services where appropriate:

  • An Independent Business Review - a robust report which pulls no punches.
  • Cash management advice and refinancing options. Profit is no longer enough, cash flow is key to survival.
  • 'Operational change' management and restructuring advice - challenge the norm and probe for Innovative alternatives.
  • Interim management - the provision of necessary skills in finance, marketing, and production.
  • Creditors scheme of arrangement - brokering a sensible deal for all parties.
  • Examinership - Court protection from creditors
  • Member's Voluntary Liquidation - distribution of a company's assets where solvent.
  • Advising on Creditor's Voluntary Liquidations - winding up of an insolvent company

We provide reports that are tailored to the specific needs of the company’s directors, the company's bank or other lender and for use in decision making.

Experience shows that the longer you delay remedial action the more difficult it is to turn a company around.

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  • Official/High Court Liquidations
  • Creditors Meetings
  • Liquidator
  • Official/High Court Liquidations
  • If a Creditor is not getting paid by a company the Creditor has the right of petitioning the High Court for a company's Liquidation. Official Liquidation is the name given to this form of liquidation which is brought about by Order of the High Court. The petition can also be taken by the company itself.

    The Liquidator, known as the "'Official Liquidator", is appointed by the Court and is an officer of the Court. Under special circumstances, a Provisional Liquidator may be appointed, for example if there is a risk of the assets being dissipated.

    Aidan Heffernan of HK Corporate Recovery has acted as Official Liquidator in a number of significant liquidations, over the past 25 years.

  • Creditor's Meetings
  • You heard all the promises of payment, cheques in the post etc, and then you receive notice of a Creditor's Meeting.

    When a company goes into Liquidation it is obliged to call a meeting of Creditor's. Notices of the meeting of creditor's must be sent by post to the creditor's at least 10 days before the date of the meeting with proxy forms. Notice of the creditor's meeting must also be advertised in two daily newspapers circulating in the vicinity of the registered office or principal place of business of the company.

    HK Corporate Recovery provide a service of representing creditor's at creditor's meetings and reporting back to them on matters that are of concern. We can clarify issues such as whether the company has any stock remaining and which may be subject to a Retention of Title claim, and assessing whether there is a realistic prospect of a dividend for unsecured creditor's.

  • Liquidator
  • Creditor's Meetings called to liquidate an insolvent company have the power to appoint a Liquidator by either personally voting at the meeting or by proxy vote. HK Corporate Recovery would be glad to represent Creditors's interests at such meetings, and will consider creditor's nominations to act as Liquidator if requested.

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    Banks almost exclusively rely on a combination of a Fixed/Floating Charge together with personal Guarantees to ensure repayment of debts. We have appraised companies on behalf of banks and also where default occurs have been appointed Receiver on behalf of Financial Institutions.

    Our expert team will use their experience to maximise the return for a charge holder with the minimum of disruption possible for a company. HK Corporate Recovery also retain the most experienced commercial legal advice available in this area and our initial consultation is without charge

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    Professional Advisers

    Although exacerbated by the current economic climate, companies encounter problems from time to time. On most occasions as previously stated, the company itself can resolve it's problems or the company may use its accountant, auditor or solicitor.

    Very often a company's professional adviser recognises the specialist nature of Corporate Recovery and will seek expert advice in this area. If you are a professional adviser to a company and you would like impartial and confidential advice on Insolvency or Corporate Recovery please contact Aidan Heffernan at 021 4962255 or email aidan.heffernan@insolvencygroup.ie.

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